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Vienna (Wien) is among the most popular destinations for sex travelers, mostly due to the fact that prostitution in Austria is fully legalized and regulated. As a result of this, Vienna is receiving an increasing number of tourists who visit the capital for its sex scene. There are numerous sex clubs, peepshows, saunaclubs, Laufhauses, studios, massage parlors, escort agencies and other forms of brothels in the capital of Austria. Most of the prostitutes who work in Vienna are from nearby European countries, such as Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Sexclubs in Vienna

Sexclubs or sexbars are brothels where clients can sit and relax, talk with the ladies, invite them for a drink and then proceed to one of the rooms that are usually on the premises of the establishment. Sexbars have a social aspect to them that other brothels do not possess. In these types of establishments, it is much easier to get to know a particular girl before proceeding to the session. Having a couple of drinks and treating the girl to an alcoholic beverage can also lighten the mood and enhance the experience.

Sexclub Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien is a sexclub that is constantly proving its strength by having a strong lineup of girls that can rival most other brothels in Vienna. This sexclub has been in the sex business for many years and they built up a good reputation for themselves. As a result of this, the services that Maxim girls offer are usually better than average too. The staff that works at this sexclub is also professional and helpful. All of the girls who work in Maxim Wien have their own profiles on the site with information about the girls themselves, as well as 100% genuine photos.

Maxim Wien is equipped with a bar area, couches for relaxation with the girls, multiple rooms for sex and a BDSM room. All of the facilities are clean and the rooms look appealing. There is no entry fee into Maxim.


Babylon is another very popular and well-respected sexclubs in Vienna. The girl lineup here might be the highest quality in Vienna; however, Babylon is also the most expensive brothel in the city. Since this sexclub is designed for luxury clientele, everything is very discrete in Babylon. The girls that work in Babylon usually give very good service, and this is the reason for the higher cost. Naturally, the facilities and room are all clean and nice, which is expected from a high class establishment.

The Babylon website shows pictures from previous events, as well as some information about the sexclub. Unlike Maxim where you can see all of the girls that work in the sexclub for free, in Babylon you have to pay to gain access to that part of the website.

Escort Agencies in Vienna

Escort agencies are very popular in Vienna and there are numerous good agencies in the city. Escort agencies arrange hotel or home visits for tourists and locals alike. Girl bookings can be done through the agency’s website or via phone. There are many different agencies in Vienna, most of which are categorized by their price range. There are agencies that strive to be the cheapest in the city, while there are also numerous escort agencies that focus on providing a better overall experience. Depending on the agency, as well as the chosen girl, individual experiences may vary.

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Escort Girls Vienna

Escort Girls Vienna (or EGV) is the official partner of Sexclub Maxim Wien. Therefore, the EGV lineup of girls is usually very similar to Maxim’s lineup. Additionally, because Maxim is a highly reputable brothel, Escort Girls Vienna also has a certain level of quality that they need to uphold. The girls that work at this agency are usually good service providers and the customer support team is friendly and helpful.

Bijou Escort

Bijou Escort Agency is another highly popular and respected escort agency in Vienna. This high class agency offers various good looking and performing girls to clients. Since this is a higher class agency, the girls are also performing on a higher level than what you would get at cheaper agencies. Currently, there are some Austrian escort ladies in the lineup of Bijou too.

In addition to offering regular hotel and home visits, Bijou Escort also offers various special services too. Clients have the option of choosing a girl for a romantic dinner, a tour around Vienna, a threesome or even a bachelor party.

Darling Wien

Darling Wien is a well-known escort agency in Vienna. Unlike many other agencies, this isn’t particularly a cheap or a high-class escort agency. Darling Wien offers various types of girls and the price depends on the particular girl that the client chooses. The website offers information about the girls, as well as the prices that they ask for their services. The photos of the ladies on the Darling Wien website are real, but they are slightly enhanced. Regardless of this, Darling Wien is still among the better escort agencies in Vienna.

Black Magic Escort

Black Magic Escort is a high class escort agency that focuses solely on one category of girls; black escort ladies. This agency is the best in the city when it comes to escort girls of color. The best looking and performing black girls can usually be found in Black Magic Escort. Their lineup of girls has previously consisted of exotic beauties from places like Nigeria. This agency also has profiles for all of the ladies that work for them, with information about the particular lady, pictures, as well as the price list.

Saunaclubs in Vienna

Saunaclubs are another form of brothel that can be found in Vienna. In these establishments, clients have to pay a daily entry fee, in addition to what they pay to the girls. The entry usually includes a towel, a pair of slippers and a locker to store your belongings. In addition to this, clients can also eat in the buffet or drink soft drinks in the bar. Clients who visit a Saunaclub have to change out of their regular clothes and wear a white towel around their waist. Usually there are a large number of ladies walking in the saunaclub in bikinis or completely naked. Clients and girls are free to roam the saunaclub and use any of the facilities in the establishment.

Goldentime Saunaclub

Goldentime is considered to be the best FKK saunaclub in Vienna. There are usually around 60 girls present in the saunaclub at any given time. Goldentime has always been good with recruiting new girls to join their ranks and they tend to have a great lineup of ladies. The girls in Goldentime walk around the saunaclub naked, while the clients need to wear towels around their waist. Entry fee into the saunaclub costs 90€ and clients get a towel, newspaper, food, drinks and permission to use some of the facilities. The prices for the girls’ services depend on the girl that you choose and they may vary.

Funpalast Saunaclub

Funpalast is considered to be the cheaper version of Goldentime, with worse facilities and services from the girls. The saunaclub itself is not bad, but the overall cheaper price has its toll on the quality of Funpalast. The girl lineup is not as good as in other brothels in Vienna and the services that the girls are offering are on a lower level too.

The best part of Funpalast is the lower price that is asked; however, this also has its negative effects on the saunaclub.

Laufhauses in Vienna

Laufhauses are among the most popular types of brothels in Vienna. The concept of laufhauses comes from Germany where this is a very popular way of selling sex services. A laufhaus is basically a building where girls can rent rooms and offer their services from there. The girls can choose when they work and they can even stay in their rooms and sleep there if they choose to. Depending on the laufhaus you choose, the rooms can be very clean and well-kept or they could be in horrible condition. Client can knock on the doors to meet the lady and negotiate the price and services.

Laufhaus Vienna

Laufhaus Vienna is one of the best laufhauses in the city. It has been around for quite a few years and the laufhaus has acquired a lot of reputation in that time. This laufhaus offers around 40 rooms to girls who wish to work from there, and the rooms are usually always full. This means that this laufhaus has one of the best and largest girl selections. The rooms are very good looking and they usually have all the necessary facilities, such as a clean shower. On average, the girls are performing well; however, this solely depends on the girl that you choose.

Laufhaus Ici-Paris

Laufhaus Ici-Paris is among the better and more reputable laufhauses in the city. There are not as many girls working here as there are in Laufhaus Vienna, but there are still a nice number of ladies present. The rooms are smaller and some of them lack a shower, which can be a problem for some people. However, most of the facilities are clean and well-maintained in the laufhaus. The prices asked in Laufhaus Ici-Paris are what you would usually expect from laufhauses in Vienna. Something that can be considered a plus is the fact that some of the ladies choose to leave their doors open, so that clients can see them immediately without having to knock. Overall, this laufhaus is considered to be one of the better ones in the city.

Studios in Vienna

Vienna houses a lot of studios for sex; however most of these are run-down and shady establishments. These studios have different rooms where the girls work from, but rather than going from door-to-door, clients are presented with the available girls upon entering the studio. The client can then choose one or more ladies and go to the room with her. The prices in studios are usually very cheap, but the service level is also one of the lowest in Vienna. Unfortunately, there are not many recommended studios currently in Vienna.

Emotion Wellness

This is one of the best studios that you are able to visit in Vienna. The prices are not the cheapest that you will encounter, but the place is legit and you don’t have to fear for your safety while you’re there. The rooms are in decent condition and the ladies that work in the studio are also good looking.

Much like in Viennese sexclubs and escort agencies, you can also inspect the ladies on the Emotion Wellness website. Most of the pictures are real with some enhancing, but nothing drastic to make the girls unrecognizable.

Street Prostitution in Vienna

Street prostitution was among the most popular ways to pay for sex in Vienna; however, street prostitutes are no longer allowed to work anywhere in the city. In order to regulate this part of prostitution as well, street working girls have been moved to the outskirts of the city, into the industrial area. Today, this area is often checked by the police in order to catch illegally working girls.

The girls that work as street prostitutes are usually the cheapest in the city, but they are also the worst looking and performing too. Since there are so many great brothels in Vienna, street prostitution is not recommended in the capital of Austria.