Sex Nightclubs in Vienna

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Sex Nightclubs are a combination of regular Nightclubs and a Sex Club by mixing in together what’s best from both clubs: great music, enjoyable atmosphere, drinks, sexworking girls as well as rooms to spend time in with the girls.

Sex Nightclubs in Vienna

In Vienna, there are only a handful of really good Sex Nightclubs: Maxim Wien, Babylon and Manhattan Bar. These clubs are opened during the night, with a few exceptions on various occasions. These are the top three Sex Nightclubs in Vienna, but there are other clubs all over Vienna which have a bad reputation and are not recommended.

Details about Sex Nightclubs in Vienna

Most Sex Nightclubs in Vienna do not have an entry fee, with the exception of Babylon which has an entry fee of 150€.

In Vienna’s Sex Nightclubs, there are around 15-20 girls working at the same time. The number can go up and down, depending on how good and popular the club is. These girls are paid by salary (they call it Gage), the salary being a back-up plan for the girls if they don’t earn anything in the club. Again, Babylon is the only Nightclub where girls are not receiving a fixed salary and instead have to pay for the right to work there.

Girls don’t have a mandatory outfit, they can wear what they want as long as they’re sexy. At the same time, they have the opportunity to enjoy the music, dance, talk and socialize with clients if they’re not busy in the rooms. At the same time, sleeping conditions are assured by the clubs in general.

Earning potential in a Sex Nightclub is pretty high, ranging between 5,000€ and 15,000€. Girls are usually taking 50% from the money earned in the rooms, with the rest of the money going to the club. Babylon is the only club that takes a share of 65%-75%.

List of Vienna's Sex Nightclubs

Maxim Wien


Manhattan Bar

Eve Bar