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Escort Agencies are companies that provide escort for their clients. An escort, or a call girl is a sex worker that doesn’t provide services to the public, nor in a institution like a brothel, rather than in a escort agency.

Incall and outcall escort

Escort girls can choose to work incall, where clients need to get to them, or outcall where they go to the client personally. Often do Escort agency arrange those meetings between the customer and employee, where they chose if the meeting will be in the customer’s house or in the escort’s own residence.

Both the incalls and outcalls have their own pros and cons. With the incall, the customer feels more secure, comfortable and more in control. The con of the incalls is that you give them information about your residence, which it can be abused. Unlike the incall, outcall is way more easier to find and go to. However, if a individual contacts a suspicious escort agency, he won’t know what did he agree to.

The Escort Agencies system of payment

Escort agencies usually inform the individuals to a social service, because it’s permitted by law not to take, nor to arrange sexual services. The prohibited laws usually lead to street prostitution. That was considered hypocritical, so some countries have legal Escort Agencies in order to minimize the spread of street prostitution.

Escort Agencies recruiting in advertisement

Advertisement of Escort Agencies can be found in magazines or newspaper, depending of the country in which it operates. Today, as the internet became popular and globalized, there are official sites of escort agencies online. As for the recruiting policy, it differs from one escort agency to another. Some agencies accept only male models, some female, however there are escort agencies that accept both male and female models, depending on its needs.

Legal laws and rights

The Escort agencies tend to have policies that forbid the escort to have individual, non-escort agency relatable contact, which is mostly forbidden by law itself. The operators have the right to claim that every agreement between the customer and the escort is consensual.

Escort Vienna

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