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Fake escort agencies are businesses that try to scam their clients by using a variety of different schemes and shady tactics. These untrustworthy business practices aim to get the most money out of the clients for as little effort as possible.

Common escort agency scam tactics

Some of the most common things fake escort agencies in Vienna do involve using extremely retouched images as advertisement, sending the wrong girl to a booking, and upselling the extra services that the sex workers are offering. It is also a common practice in Austria to use images of girls that do not work at that escort agency. Fake escort agencies that do this try to send a girl who somewhat resemble the online photos. The girls that work with these fake escort agencies often do not deliver on the booked extra services.

How to identify fake escort agencies

Learning how to recognize fake escort agencies in Vienna is immensely important for a good experience. There are a couple of things that you can check/notice to ensure if a particular agency is reputable or a scam. The first thing you should always do is check the website of the agency in question. This will give you a general impression of their business practices. Look for a section on the website where you can see the girls that are available. If you are asked to pay to see the images of the escort girls, it is most probably a fake escort agency. This rarely happens in Vienna, but it is a common practice in other countries, so it should be noted.

If you are allowed access to the girl list, you should check the profiles and the images of the girls. Here, you can notice if the images are overly enhanced and see how much information is available about the girls. Some girls might have high quality photos, while others may have low quality pictures taken with a phone. In some cases this could mean that the photos are stolen and that the girls who are advertised aren’t really available.

One of the most crucial ways you can check if an escort agency is fake or not is by doing some background check on it. Search the internet for reviews or testimonials about the agency in question. Most of the time, you can check an agency’s credibility by reading what other people had to say about it.

Some agencies also show the different extra services offered by the girls and the prices for those services. If you see that the prices are very low, there is probably a catch that involves scamming more money out of you. It is also possible that the girl simply won’t deliver those services, even if you pay for them before the session.

One more thing that fake escort agencies in Austria tend to do is to send a completely different girl, and not the one that was actually booked. In case a different girl arrives to your room that you do not like, you can send her away.

Reputable escort agencies

There are a myriad of escort agencies in Vienna, so choosing the right one might not be as simple. It is highly advised that you do research on a particular agency that you have in mind. For those who want a simple solution to their problems, the agencies below are highly recommended by locals and tourists alike:

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