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Due to the nature of the sexworking business, there are constant new girls coming to Vienna as well as old girls leaving. Despite this being a good thing (punters love new and refreshing girls) it comes with a risk.

Girls, Sex Bars as well as Sex Studios are often tempted to scam their clients or even worse.

Scamming Girls

Ria Paradise in LH Juchgasse

Ria Paradise is a black girl from Germany with a pair of gigantic tits. However, Ria treats her clients in a way no sexworker should.

Vanity Porn in LH Maxim Winter

Previously known as Barbie Brilliant, Vanity Porn is a blonde sex bomb with big boobs, from Germany as well. Similar to Ria Paradise, Vanity Porn too treats her clients poorly and is faking everything in the room.

Kina Kash in LH Juchgasse

Kina Kash is a short and sexy red-head with big boobs and although not as bad as Ria or Vanity, she's still not treating her clients as she should be.

Listing of the Worst Scammers in Vienna

Listing of some of the worst scammers Vienna has ever seen. The list includes: Lady Tatjana, Yvette, Luiza and Becky.

Review on Alexa from Siebertgasse 6 and Rebeca from Sechshauserstrasse 19C

Alexa and Rebeca both made a lot of promises in their sexworking ad. However, they couldn't care less about their clients.

Yvette from Laufhaus Juchgasse

Yvette is another girl that disregards her clients' wishes and desires. She's making every sex experience with her the worst.

A review on Vienna's scamming girls in August 2015

The biggest flops Vienna has seen in the month of August 2015. The list includes: Miruna, Karla, Jenny and Bianca. For details on their Modus Operandi or for photos check the link above.

New Girls in Goldentime Vienna asking for Higher Prices

The new girls that arrived in Goldentime Saunaclub have taken matter into their own hands and were asking for higher prices. Why this has happened and what would be the solution to this situation in the link above.

Sex Bars using Taxi Scams

Older report of Eve Bar's Taxi Scam

A review on Eve Bar's Taxi Scam dating back to 2012. Learn what happens when taxi drivers are "guiding" drunk tourists to Eve Bar.

Newer and more detailed review on Eve Bar and its Taxi Scam

Another review on the Taxi Scam situation in Eve Bar, written in 2015.

Listing of Viennese Bars and Clubs using the Taxi Scam

A full listing of other clubs in Vienna that are using the Taxi Scam to their advantage. The list includes: Eve Bar, Monaco Bar and Okay Bar.

False Advertisement

Girls falsely advertised as "new"

Sexworking girls lying about the fact that they're "new" to Vienna when in fact they've been here for months and sometimes even years.

Escort Agencies using Fake Photos for their Girls

Escort Agencies modifying their girls photos or even using fake photos to make their girls look more attractive and to attract more clients.

Escort Agencies creating new websites only to advertise themselves as new

The websites these Escort Agencies create are fake, but give the impression that their business is blooming with new and fresh girls.

Not-recommended Brothels

Top List of the Shadiest Sex Studios in Vienna

A listing of Vienna's most questionable sex studios. The top 3 spots in the listing are taken by the Sex Studios from Czerningasse - Asian Studio, Top3 Studio and Top6 Studio.

Vienna's Cheapest Sex Studios

A top list of the cheapest Sex Studios in Vienna. Studio Wichtelgasse 43 is the only studio off this list with a website. For prices, check the link above.

The Worst Sex Studios in Vienna

A list with some of the worst Sex Studios in Vienna. The studio at the top of the list is owned by Lady Tatjana - listed above as Vienna's Worst Scammers.

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