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Eve Bar is a Sex Nightclub in Vienna, located at the address: Schellinggasse 1, 1010 Vienna. They don't have a website.


Eve Bar's girls are usually trained in dealing with new clients, taking into consideration the fact that Eve Bar's business is mostly reliant on their Taxi Scams.


Inside the bar the prices are very high and the staff and girls are always pushing for the most expensive Champagne.


Eve Bar has been taking advantage of naive customers for years. They have a mutual understanding with Taxi drivers that, in exchange for 50€, the drivers will bring in foreign or new customers to their bar. The new clients are not aware of the high prices the bar has. The staff and girls are usually pushing the clients into buying the girls the most expensive Champagne, making them think that by doing so they'll be first class clients.

Eve Bar is not severely punished by the Internet mostly because they have zero online presence. What site they once had (http://www.eve-bar.at/) is now an empty domain. There are, however, blogs and sites that try to warn their readers of Eve Bar's scams, such as: Sex in Vienna and SexTopLists.

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