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SV Forum or Sex in Vienna Forum is the only English forum that strives to build a community that shares up to date information about the Vienna sex scene. It encourages punters to share their own experiences.

A Knowledge Base about the Vienna Sex Scene

Since every Sex Studio, Sex Club and FKK Saunaclub shows itself in the best light online, it is not easy to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. This is why the Sex in Vienna Forum is a very important platform.

It is full of informative threads divided into branches of main- and sub categories. The site got online in 2018 with a decent interface. They changed it in 2019 to an even faster and more user-friendly one. The categories with the newest posts are always on top, allowing the user to read it as a newspaper day by day.

Anyone can register in a couple of minutes and start contributing to the SV Forum. The website provides the option to keep users updated about the latest posts going on in forum threads via email.

Growing Community with Common Interests

Sex in Vienna lays down a common ground where punters can share and rely on each other’s experiences. The community is growing, contributing with new reports about the sex workers and brothels of Vienna.

It encourages first-timers and experienced mongers to ask questions. There are many experienced users who can provide information even about the lesser known studios and clubs of the city. There are long discussions with the current prices, girls and general opinions about each place.

The most active topics on the SV Forum are Sex Clubs, Laufhauses, Studios and Escort Agencies. There is also plenty of information about individual sex workers, escort girls and some of the more general topics about the Vienna sex scene.

The Sex in Vienna Blog as Regular Contributor

The Sex in Vienna Blog regularly publishes English articles about the Vienna sex scene. Up to date reviews about the best escort agencies, brothels and girls can all be found there. It is also a great place for punters to learn which places and girls they need to avoid at all costs.

Another great thing about the Sex in Vienna blog is that every time they publish an article, they open up a thread about it on the SV Forum. This allows users to share their opinions on the article and ask further questions.

Main Parts of SV Forum