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Beverly Hills Vienna is one of the two remaining real strip clubs in Vienna, the other one being Maxim Wien. The Beverly Hills club is located at Seilerstätte 5, in the first district of Wien. This club was very popular before prostitution has been legalized in Vienna, but it declined ever since brothels and other similar establishments have been allowed in the city.

History of the Beverly Hills Vienna club

The Beverly Hills club was a popular striptease parlour in the 1990’s, when prostitution wasn’t fully legalized in Vienna. Although sex with the stripper wasn’t possible in the club, it was still a very popular place in the city. The main selling point of the Beverly Hills club was good drinks and nice women dancing on the poles. At this time, strip businesses were very popular in Vienna, since brothels and other similar establishments weren’t legalized yet. At this time, the owner of the Beverly Hills club also owned three other similar bars, one restaurant and even a disco nightclub. Business was booming for the owner, but it wasn’t long before the club that only offered table dances became irrelevant.

The owners of the Goldentime FKK purchased the Beverly Hills for a while, before the establishment was acquired by the original owners. After the change of ownership, the Beverly Hills club had to be closed multiple times over the years because of low number of clients, not enough money to maintain the business and other factors.

Beverly Hills club in the age of brothels

Once paying for sex has been legalized in Vienna, the Beverly Hills club’s no sex policy quickly became irrelevant. Instead of paying a large sum of money for champagne and a lapdance, clients instead visited brothels where sex with the ladies was actually allowed for far less money. This meant that the Beverly Hills club either had to change their policies or close down because of bankruptcy. With numerous brothels, escort agencies, laufhauses, saunaclubs and studios operational in the city, the Beverly Hills club started to receive less and less clients visiting them.

Difference between Beverly Hills and Maxim Wien

Sex with the ladies has never been allowed in the Beverly Hills club, while in Maxim Wien it is one of the selling points – sex in the club. In addition to being able to have sex with the stripper ladies, clients can also choose to take the Maxim ladies out of the club on an escort date. None of these things is allowed in the Beverly Hills club and this might be the reason why Maxim Wien is so much more successful when compared to the Beverly Hills club.

Beverly Hills club after the 2020 Corona Virus lockdown

Once clubs in Vienna have been allowed to reopen their establishments from the 1st of July, 2020, most places successfully managed to start doing business again. However, the Beverly Hills club has yet to open, 2 months after they have been allowed to operate again. Currently, the Beverly Hills club is closed and there is no information on when it is going to open again.

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