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A sex studio is a form of brothel where clients solely go in for the sex. These types of brothels lure customers in with cheap prices and some even offer extra services, such as AO (sex without condom).

General information

Sex studios are buildings with 2-5 rooms (with simple furniture) and 4-6 girls on average. They resemble shops, mainly because they are always at street level and the buildings were often used as shops before they were turned into brothels. The sex studios in Vienna are obliged to have street access according to the brothel law set in 2011.

Upon entering the sex studios in Vienna, there is a social room where the girls are waiting for the clients. Every sex studio has a shower and a toilet (sometimes all-in-one). The rooms often have used and old furniture in them. The main reason for this is that sex studios can be opened with very little effort and cost. The owners can house a few girls and make a quick profit before moving to another location. A very small amount of money is put into these brothels.

Problems with sex studios

The main problem with the sex studios in Vienna is the AO service, lack of hygiene and the location. Location-wise the sex studios are in bad neighborhoods and together with cheap AO service they are attracting poor people. Not all sex studios offer AO services, but most of the time the other factors are still present.

Working conditions in sex studios are usually inhumane. Girls have to work as well as sleep in these rooms with bad hygiene. In general, they have to work 24/7 and for a low price as it can be seen from the prices listed below.

There are studios in Vienna that started to offer escort service, taking example from other sex systems. Escort service's prices are often the sex studio’s hourly rate plus an extra 20-30€ that's meant to pay for the drive through the city.

Prices in sex studios

The prices in sex studios vary depending on the studio that you visit. At some places, you can get a quickie starting from 25€. The below listed prices are just an example; you can encounter cheaper or more expensive prices too.

The prices are as follows:

  • 30€/40€ - 15 minutes
  • 50€/60€ - 30 minutes
  • 90€/100€ - 60 minutes

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