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AO sex is short for sex without using a condom. It has been considered a taboo for decades in Vienna, even unthinkable years ago.

However, times have changed and the demand of AO Sex has risen a lot in the past years mostly due to the fact that people are always looking for more services for less money.

AO Sex in Vienna

In Vienna, AO sex is usually available in Sex Studios, with small exceptions - Kontaktzone, a new Laufhaus that ,unlike most Laufhauses in Vienna, focuses on AO Sex and some Escort Agencies (which belong to Sex Studios already offering AO Sex) that started to heavily advertise AO Sex.

Still, self-respecting girls and clubs will not offer AO Sex under normal circumstances. Prime examples of such clubs are Maxim. Goldentime and Babylon.

In the last 5 years, there has been a huge boost of AO Sex service in Vienna's Sex Studios. The girls offering AO Sex are generally of Romanian or Hungarian nationality (A top list of Vienna's sexworking nationalities which could offer a better insight on the status and numbers of the sexworking nationalities in Vienna).

Another fine example of the change that's happened in the last few years is that Kontaktbazar has had around 3-4 ads offering AO Sex a few years ago, whereas now they have at least 20-30 such ads. Also, the ads of the girls that are not offering AO Sex are explicitly stating "sex ONLY with condom" (which was never necessary in the past).

The offer of AO Sex service is very high in Vienna, in comparison with the rest of Austria, where there are almost no offers of AO Sex.

AO Sex in Germany

In Germany, the prices for AO Sex are even lower than in Vienna. However, Germany is trying to fight the concept of AO Sex by promoting and even passing new laws that will even prohibit AO Sex.

Despite Germany's efforts to eliminate AO Sex from its sex clubs, it will be hard due to the high proportions of supply and demand of AO Sex.

AO Sex's effect on the sexworking girls in Vienna

The AO Sex service is highly requested by many clients, due to the pleasure factor. However, this high demand has had a negative effect on the sexworking girls in Vienna.

It drives away girls considering Vienna as a work place or it forces girls who previously stayed clear of AO sex to offer it in order to make more money.

Health risks of offering AO Sex are also having a high impact on the girls, as well as the dignity they lose by doing so.

Prices of the AO Sex service

Usually, the AO Sex service is considered as extra service and charged with 20€.

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