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Sex dolls are realistic silicone dolls that people can have sex with. This is something that has already been available in the 1980’s, but sex dolls have gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of how realistically they are made. Previously, sex dolls have mainly been popular in Asian countries, where multiple sex dolls brothels have been opened, but they have become popular all around the world.

Sex dolls in recent years

Sex dolls have become much more popular for sexual purposes than they were a few years ago. This can mostly be contributed to the fact that sex dolls are being made extremely lifelike. The dolls are being made from a special type of silicone that resembles human skin. Additionally, there are sex dolls that can react to being touched and they also moan when someone is having intercourse with them. Some sex doll manufacturers allow clients to customize their dolls by allowing them to choose various things, such as the doll’s eye and hair colour, as well as some body specification (breast size, amount of pubic hair, nipple colour, etc.).

Important facts about sex dolls

The most important thing to know about sex dolls is that they need to be regularly cleaned, especially in a brothel setting. In fact, they should be thoroughly cleaned after each session in order to minimize the chances of infections and STDs. A lot of clients choose sex dolls to have unprotected sex with them, but these dolls can transmit STDs just as easily as a real prostitute. In addition to regular cleaning, the dolls also have to be maintained in different ways to ensure their longevity.

Some people choose to purchase sex dolls for themselves via various online services. This is something that anybody can do, but the prices of these sex dolls is often high and only dedicated people outright purchase them for their home. The prices of these sex dolls usually starts at around 1,000 euros and can go up to tens of thousands of euros, depending on the type of doll and the functions it has.

Reasons people have sex with sex dolls

There are many reasons why people like to have (or at least try) sex with sex dolls. One of the most popular reasons for this is simply to try how it feels. Although these are silicone dolls, they are made to have sex with, so there’s a certain adventurous feeling people have when they are given the opportunity to have sex with a sex doll.

People who are very shy or people who do not know to interact with real women often opt for sex with sex dolls. These types of people often purchase a sex doll for themselves, rather than going to a brothel to have sex with them. They usually create an emotional attachment with the sex dolls and they basically view them as girlfriends.

There’s also the group of people who have sex with sex dolls to try things they wouldn’t be able to do with a real woman. This might sound like a concrete advantage of sex dolls; however, there are prostitutes that would do anything for money, so it’s not as justifiable.

Sex dolls in Austria

Sex dolls are also available in Austria (mainly Vienna) to clients who wish to indulge in this service. Although they are not as popular as they are in Asian countries, sex dolls in Austria have also started gaining traction in recent years.

Here are a few places in Vienna that offer the possibility to clients to purchase sex dolls or just to have sex with them:

  • Laufhaus Kontakthof – This laufhaus was the first place to purchase and start offering sex with sex dolls for clients in Vienna. They have received a lot of media coverage because of this and gave the idea of purchasing sex dolls to other business owners. According to our knowledge, a lot of people went to Kontakthof just to try out their brand new sex dolls when they were introduced.
  • Laufhaus Vienna – One of the most popular laufhauses in Vienna also offers sex with sex dolls. Clients who visit the laufhaus have the option of choosing from three different dolls, each with a unique look.
  • Laufhaus Rachel – This laufhaus offers sex with sex dolls to clients, just like Laufhaus Vienna, but clients can also purchase sex dolls from this business. There are various types of sex dolls on offer and clients can also customize the dolls by choosing various parts of the doll to their personal preferences.

Sex dolls in other countries

Sex dolls are still most popular in Asian countries, but some European countries have also started offering these types of services. For example, there are sex doll brothels in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, England, Finland, Italy and others. In fact, some already established brothels have kicked out most (if not all) of the real prostitutes that worked in the brothel to make space for sex dolls. Although there are many sex doll brothels around the world, there are some places that have tried opening such a business, only to be closed days after. The reason for this varies, but most of the time the reason for their closure was people complaining about the business.

Sex dolls in our society

Sex dolls have been around for a while, but having sex with them is still considered to be a taboo subject in our society. There are various reasons for this, but maybe the most sensible one is the fact that sex dolls objectify women even more. The sex dolls currently on the market are often depicted having a perfect shape, big breasts and a baby-like face. Some also argue that when people are allowed to interact with object as they would with people, they often do this the other way around too and start treating people like objects. This is especially true (and dangerous) when it comes to women in the prostitution business.

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