Sex Worker Stereotypes

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Stereotypes are general ideas which simplifies the characteristics or descriptions of a certain person or thing.

Due to the “taboo” factor of the sex working business, a variety of stereotypes have rooted themselves deeply within the minds of people, regardless of their own experience with a sex worker.

Sex Workers are not smart

This is a common belief due to the fact that most sex workers lack a college degree.

However, a college degree does not indicate whether a person is smart or not.

Most sex workers are required to entertain their guests with witty and smart conversations. A perfect example would be escorts, which are often hired by high-class people (such as politicians, doctors, teachers) to be their partners for various events.

At the same time, sex workers have often found themselves in tough situations which they faced with their street knowledge and their practical intelligence.

Sex Workers do not care about the words that describe them

Another wrong stereotype that not only offends sex workers but hinders them in performing their job properly.

Example of terms that our society has labeled sex workers with: hookers, whores and prostitutes.

However, the term that they prefer to be referred to is: “sex workers”. Because this term represents the truth of their profession, while maintaining their integrity intact.

All Sex Workers are drug addicts

While it is true that there are girls working in the sex working business that are addicted to drugs, this does not apply to all sex workers.

There’s a higher chance for street sex workers to be addicted to drugs – which are not recommended in any way – in comparison with high-class escorts.

Sex Workers are not victims of sexual abuses or rapes

The general misconception is that, because they already work in the sex business, it is impossible for them to be forced to have sex against their will.

In fact, rapes and sexual abuses also happens to sex workers. In most of these cases, it is the police that abuses them, taking advantage of the fact that prostitution is illegal in a lot of countries (Austria being one of the few exceptions).

These crimes against sex workers often do not get reported to any law enforcing organ.

Sex Workers are nymphomaniacs

Sex workers are employees like any other employee on the planet. Most of them are in this line of business only for the money.

Nymphomaniacs would not go through all the trouble (paperwork, regular visits to the doctor, constant waiting for clients) sex workers go through in order to just have their share of sex.

Sex Work is not a real work

This stereotype is valid for any other job that does not fall in line with the normal jobs (doctor, lawyer, engineer and so on).

As long as the Sex Workers dedicate time and effort that, at the end of the day (week/month) is rewarded monetarily, then it should be considered real work.

Criminals are working in the Sex Industry

This stereotype may be valid in countries where sex working or prostitution (be it soliciting or offering) is considered to be illegal. However, in educated countries such as Austria or Germany, sex working is legal and the sex workers are obligated to have: health certificates updated regularly and other paperwork that attest the legality of their job.

Sex Workers have to deal with a lot of bad-mannered people

True. Depending on the location and the prices, the girls are often in the situation where their client is not a well-mannered person and does not treat them with the respect they deserve. Oftentimes these clients are even using violence to impose their point of view.

This, combined with the fact that the sex workers are not able to choose their clients (with a few exceptions) results in numerous difficult situations for them.

Sex Workers are victims of parental abuse or childhood rape

While, in fact, some of today’s sex workers have experienced traumas in childhood like rape or parental abuse, this does not mean that this is the reason they got into the sex industry.

This stereotype represents people’s desire to jump to conclusions and label everyone based on their past experiences.

Sex Workers have a hard time finding a real date

This stereotype may be true, however, it has two aspects to it:

  • Sex workers know exactly what to say, how to make you feel and how to make themselves liked. Thus, making it easy for them to get that "first date".
  • It gets difficult to be in a committed relationship while being a sex worker. This, however, is up to both parties in the relationship.

Sex Workers are home wreckers, responsible for failed marriages

In a sex worker’s point of view, the meeting with a client is strictly business. This relates to having no feelings whatsoever, regarding of how much fun the two of them had together. There are rarely cases where a sex worker deliberately influences her client to break up with his wife.

Ultimately, visiting a sex worker in a brothel is the guy’s decision. And they are also the ones falling in love and taking bad decisions.

Sex workers are PORNSTARS – they are rich!

Half true.

Not all sex workers have tried their luck into the porn industry. And out of those that have, they barely do a few shots per week – which does not equate to a lot of money.

Only the big porn stars who work with big adult filmmaking companies such as Brazzers, Naughty America, Bangbros and so on are actually making lots of money – after a couple of years’ worth of work.