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Romantic bar is a sex bar establishment located in Vienna's fifth district. The bar is open for business from afternoon until 4 a.m. The Bar is decorated in red and black shades whereas bright lights constantly light up the store. Skipping the classic sex bar architecture which quotes for a performing stage for the dames, Romantic Bar offers 4 to 5 tables and the same amount of stools by the bar.

Staff and website

Romantic Bar's staff is known for their friendly attitude and also girls for their costumer skills. 15 to 30 girls of Hungarian, Austrian and Romanian origin work around the clock offering to costumers a wide range to choose from.

Romantic Bar maintains an online website which is not up-to-date and holds a plain structure. The establishment's clients varies amongst individuals from middle class and not from upper class.

Prices and girls

The combination of competitive and affordable prices and variety of girls leads to a steady client base.

Romantic Bar offers an area where an open bar is located. For further privacy medium-sized rooms are available per costumers' request. The Bar is of good hygiene status with seldom neatness issues.

Girls in Romantic Bar consume Sekt which, as well as all drinks and rooms, are affordable. Rooms are charged from 110 to 190 euros.

Bar's girls are ranging within a medium scale of beauty. The possibility of regular costumers running into astonishing beauties is not excluded with the example of a former Maxim cover girl who is currently employed by Romantic Bar.


  • Address: Spengergasse 13, 1050 Vienna
  • Telephone: +43(1)544 44 39
  • Website:
  • Opening times: Monday-Friday 12:00-04:00, Saturday-Sunday 19:00-04:00


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