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Funpalast Sauna club (also known as Funpalast) is a prominent FKK sauna club located in Vienna, Austria. It gained popularity for offering a range of services and experiences to its guests, including intimate encounters with female companions and access to various amenities. Throughout its operation, Funpalast faced several significant changes, controversies, and challenges that impacted its reputation and future.

History and Services

Funpalast Saunaclub was established as a luxurious FKK sauna club in Vienna, providing a variety of services and amenities to its clientele. The club offered half-hour and hour-long sessions with female companions, who were referred to as "FP girls." Over the years, the club introduced different pricing structures for its services, leading to occasional discontent among its patrons [1].

Pricing Controversies

Throughout its existence, Funpalast faced criticism and backlash from its regular guests due to multiple price increases. On several occasions, the club raised the prices for its services, leading to dissatisfaction among customers who felt that the increased costs did not align with the quality of the experience provided. The pricing changes included alterations in both entry fees and the cost of intimate sessions with the FP girls.

In October 2013, Funpalast increased the prices for its services, with the half-hour session rising from 60€ to 70€, and the full-hour session increasing from 100€ to 120€[2]. Similar price increases occurred in October 2015[3], May 2022[4], and May 2023, resulting in higher entry fees and session costs. These fluctuations in pricing were met with mixed reactions, leading to discussions about the value offered by the club and its impact on guest satisfaction.

Transition to Budget Saunaclub

In June 2017, Funpalast made a significant change by transitioning to a budget-style saunaclub. Under the new model, guests paid an entry fee of 70€, which included access to amenities such as towels, a bathrobe, bath slippers, and a card for a half-hour session with an FP girl. This change aimed to attract more female companions and revitalize the club's appeal.

Despite the transition, Funpalast faced challenges in attracting high-quality girls and maintaining a satisfactory customer experience. Reviews and reports from guests often highlighted concerns about the club's atmosphere and the attractiveness of its offerings compared to other competitors in Vienna.

Marketing and Legal Issues

In an attempt to gain attention and media exposure, Funpalast engaged in a marketing stunt in January 2023. The club featured Viennese lawyer Martin Mahrer in a TV show, displaying him in a bathrobe and interacting with a masked prostitute in the saunaclub. This controversial advertisement faced legal consequences and was condemned by the Supreme Court, leading to a fine of 4,000 Euros for Mahrer and drawing negative attention to the club[5].

Rumors of Closure

In May 2023, rumors surfaced that Funpalast Saunaclub would be closing its doors in the fall of the same year. According to a user on the Sex Vienna Forum, the club would be demolished, and a pharmaceutical company was planning to build a new office building in its place. However, the management of Funpalast did not release any official statements regarding the potential closure, and the information remained unconfirmed at the time.[6]


Funpalast Saunaclub in Vienna experienced several ups and downs during its existence. Despite its efforts to stay competitive and attract customers, the club faced challenges related to pricing, reputation, and marketing. The controversies surrounding pricing changes and marketing stunts, coupled with increasing competition from other FKK sauna clubs in Vienna, likely contributed to the club's fluctuating fortunes. The rumors of its potential closure raised further uncertainties about its future in the Vienna sex industry.

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