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Black Magic Escort is a respected ebony escort agency in Vienna that specializes in black escort ladies. The agency has been in business for a few years and their overall online reputation is good. Black Magic Escort is considered to be the best agency for black girls to work at and for finding ebony escort dates.

Quality of Escort Girls

Most of the escort ladies who work in Black Magic Escort are exclusive to this agency. Some of the best looking and performing girls of color have worked at Black Magic Escort at one point in time. The ladies who work at this agency are usually very good looking, professional ebony escort girls who receive a lot of praise online. The Black Magic Escort girl lineup is rather small, but the black girls who work at this agency are probably the best in the city.

Quality of Escort Service

Most of the escort girls who work or have worked at Black Magic Escort are known to be good service providers. Black Magic Escort is not the cheapest escort agency in Vienna and this can also be seen in the service that the girls who work there provide. Black Magic Escort is a higher priced agency, but the services from the girls are also on a higher standard. The ladies offer various types of extra services and this should be discussed with the ladies themselves, before the session.

Job offering

The Black Magic Escort agency is constantly looking for new ebony escort ladies to join their ranks. According to the girls who worked in this agency, it is among the best places for new black girls to start working. Since there are not that many black escort girls in Vienna, they are considered a rare commodity and are very sought after. Black Magic Escort is also a great choice for newcomers to the sex business, as the agency is willing to help with everything that is needed to start working as an escort lady.

Escort Prices

The prices in Black Magic Escort are the following:

  • 1 hour: 250€
  • 2 hours: 440€
  • 3 hours: 600€
  • 12 hours: 1800€
  • 24 hours: 3000€
  • 48 hours: 5000€



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