Erotic Massages

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Erotic Massages are types of massages that achieve instead of muscle relaxation, the subject achieves sexual arousal. It was used as a medical treatment since the 16th century, for example, to cure women hysteria by forcing the women to achieve a orgasm, in order to relax them physically and mentally

In modern times, usually the term for the massage that includes erotic techniques that finish with a orgasm, is a Happy Ending, which implies on the massage of the genitalia parts that stimulate orgasms, both male or female.

Varieties of Erotic Massages

  • Amateur Massage, where an uncertified and non-professional individual uses the technique on his/her partner.
  • Soapy Massage, which includes water, soap and sliding massage techniques.
  • Japanese Nuru Massage (Nuru – slippery), is a type of a massage in which a Nuru gel (oil) is used by two naked partners.
  • Prostate Massage, is a Chinese method used on male individuals, to regulate their prostate and the health of his reproductive system. It usually includes a Hand Job.
  • Oil Massage, is like a regular massage, the difference is instead of using dry hand for a massage, the oil has the role to promote the health to the entire body of an individual.
  • Lingam Massage includes the massage of the Lingam, a part of the male genitalia, with the massage of the other parts of the penis, however orgasm isn’t the reason why it is so effective.
  • Yoni Massage is similar to the Lingam Massage, only it includes the massage of the Yoni part.
  • Commercial Erotic Massage is an addition to the regular massage, used in brothels and massage parlors to stimulate sexual arousal and orgasms.

Modern erotic massages

Today, erotic massages come in variety of ways, where can a masseur do the technique, however the development of vibrators (introduced in 1873) has made erotic massages this way easier, practical and more are used more common. Instead of hours of massages, the vibrator gets the job done in minutes, and that can be more helpful and less time consuming, viewing from the point of the person that is getting a massage, plus it feels differently, as some women have said.