Peepshows in Vienna

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A Peepshow is a sex system where clients pay a small amount of money to watch girls dance, strip and masturbate on the stage. The stage is surrounded by viewing cabins, in which the clients reside, enjoying the show and often masturbating.

Peepshows in Vienna

Vienna’s Peepshows, although small in numbers, is very similar to Peepshows in other countries. There is no socializing, no showers in the cabins and the cabins are usually one-way mirrors (meaning that the girl can’t see the clients).

1€ per minute is the usual price in Vienna’s Peepshows, but this can vary, depending on the club. The money is inserted in special slots inside the viewing cabins. There are substitutes for the 1€ amount, which would be cards with money on them (similar to pre-paid cards) which can be bought at the cashier or from dedicated disposing machines.

History of Peepshows

In the 90s, the Peepshow business was flourishing, taking advantage of the fact that buying sex was illegal in Vienna. Apart from Table Dance Bars (read this for more info), they were making the most money and having the most clients. Although illegal at the time, there were Peepshows offering sex services.[re

After the legalization of prostitution, Peepshows saw a rapid decline. The main reason was that they could not compete with Brothels, Sex Nightclubs, Laufhauses, FKK Saunaclubs, Sex Clubs and Sex Bars in terms of service offered to their clients. The demands from the clients grew too big for Peepshows to keep up with.[1]

Nowadays, from over a dozen Peepshows, only few good remains.

Peepshows in Vienna

Peepshow Burggasse

Castle Street 112, A-1070 Vienna,, sex with girls is allowed

Peepshow Burggasse is a cheaper place with transparent prices. New girls arrive regularly, their website is up to date.

SV Forum: Peepshow Burggasse

Peep Erotic

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 31 1160, sex with girls is allowed

Their prices are high and new girls are not so good.

Peepshow Raaberbahngasse

Raaberbahn Gasse 20, 1100 Viena, sex with girls is allowed

It is also a place with higher prices, and they don't have enough great girls.

Peep ML Revu

Mariahilfergürtel 23-27, 1150 Vienna, Austria, sex with girls is not allowed

Peep ML Revu is a place for watching and masturbating only. The window is fixed so sex is not possible with girls.

Peep 69

It is closed now, previous locations were at Davidgasse, Gürtel and Nordwestbahnstrasse.