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Maxim logo in black
Located in the center of Vienna, Maxim Wien is a Premium Sex Nightclub and currently one of the best in town. The original Maxim opened 30 years ago. In the 1990s Maxim was called Planet Girls Paradise[1]


Contact details of how and when to reach Maxim or its management:


Inside the club:

  • Half an hour = 120€
  • One hour = 200€
  • VIP Rooms = 280€

Escort Prices to the hotel:

  • One hour = 250€
  • Two hours = 440€
  • Three hours = 600€

Quality of service

DJ Jango is the one that has to take care of the atmosphere in the club (either by dj-ing or by singing), while the girls are putting on a show on the stage, dancing. White leather couches are surrounded by a large number of mirrors on the walls (making the club look bigger).

The staff and management are dedicated people, which have worked in Maxim for a couple of years.

Quality of girls

A lot of girls have worked in Maxim, and almost always they're having a constant number of 20-25 girls present. Girls which are well-versed in the art of conversation, flirting and sometimes even dancing.

Pornstars as sexworkers

One of the few sex clubs in Vienna to have REAL pornstars as sexworkers: Mia Anderson, GGG Adina, Janet Joy and Vanessa. Maxim also held an event with Czech pornstars Little Caprice and Carla Cox as main guests.

Events and Parties

Maxim held quite a lot of erotic events throughout the years:

  • Art in Maxim – featuring Maria Lahr
  • Maxim Oktoberfest 2010
  • Nightclub Maxim Playboy Party
  • Maxim Poker Night
  • Playboy Casting
  • Miss Erotica 2011
  • Gorgeous-Divine at Maxim
  • The Maxim Rap
  • Meet Jungle – Star
  • Miss Maxim Pageant 2012
  • Naked Angels
  • Spring Awakening
  • Pornstar Gala featuring Superstar Little Caprice and Carla Cox
  • Sex in the City
  • Autumn Equinox in Maxim
  • Maxim Party: Heut geh ich ins Maxim
  • Eurovision Showcontest

There are also pictures taken at these events, available here:

Great music, discounts and 15-20 beautiful girls are the components of Maxim's bachelor parties. With an exclusive offer for the bachelor: 120€ for an on-stage lapdance consisting in 10 minutes of full striptease and touching. Other Maxim parties are: birthday parties and divorce parties.

Sister Club and Escort Website

Maxim's sister club is Bar Schönbrunn, located at 1120 Wien Schönbrunnerscholßstraße 46 / Ecke Grünbergstraße. It's a nice-looking bar with gold and red walls and furniture, giving it a comfy and discreet vibe. More details on their website:

Another great feature of Maxim Wien is their escort service: Of course, there are some rules of booking an escort and the prices are according to the service offered. One hour of exclusive Maxim hotel escort is €250, with the girl(s) arriving by taxi, the ride being already included in the escort rates (the higher the booking time, the lower the price; e.g. 4 hours for €750), or (which may be more convenient) people can check out the girls in the club and pick them up and bring them to the hotel afterwards.

The official site for the Escort Agency of Maxim is:

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: constant focus on their online support (compared to other websites in the pay sex scene), high entertainment value, pretty girls, location in the center, Austrian management, strippers you can have sex with; real photos on the website (current photos and not photoshopped)
  • Cons: not open during the day



  1. Sex in Vienna: Table Dance Bars in Vienna Now and Then

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