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FKK Saunaclub Goldentime is an FKK Saunaclub in Vienna, located at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Vienna. Website:

Goldentime (called in Austria's erotic forums as GT) is the best Sauna Club in Vienna.


Goldentime has always managed to attract new and beautiful girls, having one of the best line-ups in Vienna. They usually have 60-80 girls, depending on the season.

Girls in an FKK Saunaclub are often times walking around the club naked, wearing only high-heels. The clients, on the other hand, are wearing white bathrobes or towels around their waist, earning the nickname of "ice-bears".

The girls pay a daily entry fee of 70€ after which everything they earn is for themselves. Prices are for them to decide; clients usually negotiate with the girls for the various service that they desire.


The entry in Goldentime is 90€ for the men and 70€ for the women. The entry fee is used to cover for the following perks in the Saunaclub: bathrobe, towel, slippers, food (both hot and cold), soft drinks (both hot and cold), newspapers, magazines as well as access to the following Goldentime facilities: sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, swimming pool, erotic cinema, TV room and bedrooms.

Other services are charged as extra: solarium - 3€ for 6 minutes, the masseur - 20€ for 20 minutes, alcoholic drinks and Red Bulls are charged 5€ per serving.

The prices of the girls' service is usually depending on the girl, each of them having a different price scheme. This can however, give rise to trouble as it can be seen from this review of Goldentime's rise in prices.


Goldentime has 20 rooms where clients can have sex with the girls. However, the rooms are pretty small and with no sophisticated furniture inside. Another downside to Goldentime's rooms is the fact that there is no door, therefore no privacy for the clients.


The buffet opens at 11:00 A.M. and it has a variety of breakfast food: pastries, cereals, sweet treats, cheese, fruits, salads. At 13:00 they are serving soup and from 19:00 until 02:00 A.M. GT is serving a hot buffet with Austrian specialties and International ones.

They often do barbecues in the garden or live cooking indoors with their chef, depending on the season.


Goldentime is also benefiting from a beautiful garden with: pool with showers, sun beds, garden house with two rooms, summer bar, Finnish sauna and an extensive lounge seating. In the back of the garden there are two king-sized beds with courtains, hammocks and a four-poster bed.

Both the swimming pool and the ground in the garden are heated so that these amazing facilities can be available even when in the colder seasons.

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